Carbon Black & JASK – Connected

Carbon Black & JASK – Connected  

GoBeyond SIEM with advanced endpoint security, on the Cloud.

The real-time integration of JASK & Carbon Black provides high-value alerts and extended contextual investigation insights to our joint customers, all within a cloud-native environment.



The JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform automates the correlation and analysis of threat alerts, prioritizing the way a security operations center (SOC) analyst monitors, analyzes and investigates threats. Cb Defense offers next-generation antivirus (NGAV) software, coupled with innovative endpoint detection and response (EDR). Cb Response provides incident response and threat hunting, empowering security teams to detect attacks in progress and respond immediately. JASK integrates EDR from Cb Defense as well as other cybersecurity data sources to create JASK Insights™, streamlined notifications that indicate a combination of events or activities that should be investigated. JASK uses Cb Response to enrich the information and help security analysts threat hunt and respond to incidents more quickly.

The rich integration between Carbon Black and JASK creates an exceptional user-experience for quick threat prioritization and action.

Customer Value

With this cloud-to-cloud integration, customers gain a comprehensive and consolidated view of alerts from Carbon Black and any other data source available, as well as the ability to drill down and investigate those alerts directly from within the JASK ASOC platform. The JASK ASOC platform integrates with any other existing solutions, correlating the data with Carbon Black and providing enhanced contextualized information to streamline and optimize alert triage.

“In older SOC models; IT teams received data from their endpoints through a SIEM, where they manually supplemented with context from other sources and continually hand-tuned policies,” said the CISO of Veeva Systems, a JASK and Carbon Black customer. “In the next-generation SOC, ML removes significant portions of this manual work. We see the integration between JASK and Carbon Black as a big leap toward this future vision.”

Joint JASK & Carbon Black customers benefit from improved analyst workflows, automated, intelligent alert correlation from multiple data sources, and sophisticated autonomous analysis capabilities that streamline response times. This integration arms SOC managers with a rich, in-depth view of their endpoints. Users benefit from a more seamless experience as they seek to harness their data to investigate and resolve alerts across the organization.

Screenshots from the JASK ASOC platform:

CB Alert as part of a JASK Insight:

CB Response Enrichment for JASK Insights:

A Look into the Future

As JASK and Carbon Black continue to innovate and build best-of-breed offerings, our teams work together to deliver joint cybersecurity solutions that make security operations teams more efficient and enterprise environments better protected. Join us on this incredible journey!


About JASK

JASK is modernizing security operations to reduce organizational risk and improve human efficiency. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and machine learning, the JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform automates the correlation and analysis of threat alerts, helping SOC analysts focus on the highest-priority threats, streamlining investigations and delivering faster response

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