JASK Unveils Special Ops

JASK Unveils ‘Special Ops’ Professional Service to Support Customers with an Elite Cyber Threat Hunting Team

Cryto-Me0wing, Not a Cute Kitty of the Internet

The Kitty malware is predominately being deployed for crypto-mining purposes, but Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK, said it’s important to note that vulnerabilities that affect CMS…

Cat Burglar: Kitty cryptominer targets web application servers, then spreads to app users

“...It's important to note that vulnerabilities that affect CMS frameworks - like Drupalgeddon 2.0 - are particularly concerning because the systems make up a significant portion of the internet and…

JASK Hires Former Cylance Executive As CMO for Autonomous SOC Push

Jask, an autonomous security operations center (ASOC) platform provider, has hired Cylanceveteran Greg Fitzgerald as its CMO. Fitzgerald is responsible for the global strategy and execution of Jask’s…

This Bay Area cybersecurity startup has big hiring plans in Austin

With a new office at The Domain, JASK has named Austin as its second headquarters. That office is already home to the company’s VP of product Rocky DeStefano, CTO J.J. Guy, VP of engineering Rob Fry,…

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News

JASK, which develops an Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, has hired Greg “Fitz” Fitzgerald as chief marketing officer (CMO). He previously was CMO of Cylance. Earlier, he held…

JASK Appoints Recognized Cyber Market Maker Greg Fitzgerald as CMO and Unveils HQ2 in Austin

Founding Cylance CMO Leads ASOC Platform Company's Global Go-To-Market Strategy From New Office in the Domain Northside

CB Insights Cyber Defenders 2018: Autonomous Watchdog

An ideal security operations center (SOC) fuses data-streams to give analysts an overview of a company’s systems. Autonomous systems help analysts prioritize which alerts to address.

URL file attacks spread Quant Locker

Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK, told SC Media the attack matches current observations of other malicious campaigns where scripting languages are being used to execute exploitation…

JASK ASOC Platform Integrates With Demisto Enterprise to Optimize Security Operations

J.J. Guy, chief technology officer at the cybersecurity firm JASK, said that the spread of ransomware attacks on public safety agencies and other key government operations shows...

Hackers have taken down dozens of 911 centers. Why is it so hard to stop them?

When news broke last week of a hacking attack on Baltimore’s 911 system, Chad Howard felt a rush of nightmarish memories.

JASK and the Future of Autonomous Cybersecurity

Read Danny Crichton's article exploring the truth about today's Security Operations Center and what the future just might bring us.

JASK Expands World-Class Technology Team with Appointment of Rob Fry as VP of Engineering

Industry Veteran and Former Netflix Security Leader to Drive Development of the JASK ASOC Platform; Will Join Company in Austin, Texas Office

Startup Attacks Splunk In $6B Cyberthreat Data Market

Why would a company buy software from a startup when a large publicly-traded supplier is happy to sell it to you? The answer is easy to say and hard to do

JASK Brings AI-powered Security Platform to Europe in Partnership with Ignition Technology

JASK Answers for Channel Partners, a Programme Designed to Expand the Availability of the Autonomous Security Operations Platform, Launches in the UK Today

Record-breaking GitHub DDoS Attack: Here’s What Enterprises Need to Know

“While the DDoS attack GitHub experienced was the largest ever recorded, organizations should be prepared for campaigns of this magnitude going forward, as they’ll likely become commonplace,” Rod…

Cellebrite Reportedly Can Unlock Every iPhone Model

Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK told SC Media history has taught us that keeping zero days in the name of security or for law enforcement is dangerous.

20 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in 2018

The JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform leverages AI and machine learning to automate basic and repetitive security operations tasks, freeing SOC...

Israeli Security Firm Cellebrite Claims to be Able to Hack iOS 11

Industry Veteran and Former Netflix Security Leader to Drive Development of the JASK ASOC Platform; Will Join Company in Austin, Texas Office

JASK channel partner program looks for regional allies

"The JASK channel partner program is looking for regional partners as it rolls out a go-to-market strategy for its Autonomous Security Operations Center platform."

Stalled Equifax Breach Investigation Could Provide Valuable Insight

"Cybersecurity experts agree that it’s important to investigate the root cause and subsequent actions that led to the Equifax breach. “The investigation into Equifax should continue...

JASK Announces Technology Alliance with Carbon Black

Carbon Black, the Latest to Join the JASK Answers for Technology Alliances Program, Helps SOC Analysts Speed Response Times

AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

"Ninety percent of AI is data logistics," says JJ Guy, CTO at Jask, an AI-based cybersecurity startup. "All the major AI advances have been fueled by advances in data sets," he says.

The role retailers should play in driving IoT security certification standards

“One of the biggest risks to IoT is that there are currently no security standards for the hundreds of new IoT devices that flood the market each year. For e-commerce, we rely on SSL to consistently…

Live from BlackHat: Rod Soto Interview

Rod Soto is interview by Security Guy TV live from BlackHat USA 2017

Greg Martin: Security operations is broken, and AI can fix it

To uncover how to improve security, we must first consider that the way we perform security operations is broken. Security operations teams — often part of a centralized security operations center —…

Trident Product Release: Press Coverage Round-up

A round-up of coverage accompanying the recent launch of TRIDENT

JASK emerges from stealth with $12 million… Press Round-up

Machine learning and AI are going to reach colossal levels by 2021 as the market swells to $96 billion.

Buckle up for the AI security revolution – spending to hit $96b by 2021

Machine learning and AI are going to reach colossal levels by 2021 as the market swells to $96 billion.

Gigamon brings deep packet inspection to Amazon cloud

Gigamon Inc. is bringing on-premise-like network visibility to the Amazon Web Services cloud with a data-in-motion visibility platform...

Can Hackers Be Stopped? The State of Defense in the Private Sector

One week before the recent massive hack attack shut off access to Twitter, PayPal, Airbnb and dozens of other major websites, I was at an off-the-record conference with leaders of some of the…

Meet The Technology That Could Be A Surprising Savior In Securing The ‘Internet Of Things’

Is that smart light bulb spying on you? Connecting household objects to the Web – the “Internet of Things”, or IoT for short – holds amazing promise and is spawning new applications all the……

Cisco launches $10 million scholarship to tackle cybersecurity talent shortage

Networking technology behemoth Cisco has announced a new multi-million dollar fund to tackle the growing shortage in the global cybersecurity talent pool.

How deep is your learning?

When the virtual assistant Siri showed up on iPhones four years ago, the technology felt like the first glimpse of those scary-smart, talking robots you’ve been reading about in science fiction for…

Fast Data Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity in 2016

How could ordering a pizza take down a bank? ...