The Modern SOC Runs on Slack


The modern SOC runs on Slack!

I was first introduced to the concept of using modern web collaboration apps like Slack or Hipchat for Security Operations by another great security startup: Area1 Security. They were piping security events into Slack automatically and using SlackBots to help with analysis. At JASK we have also embraced this model, our product now fully supports Slack and we actively encourage it’s usage as a primary communications channel for security teams working remotely or even within the same SOC ops room. The ability to easily add custom integrations, collaborate, and automate enrichment with other tools via the simple plugins and slackbots, truly makes this an ideal platform for collaboration around cyber security incidents!

The team at JASK thinks that Slack is the future of Security Operations and is a great canidate to be the new “Single pane of glass”. Are you currently using a collaboration tool like Slack to power your SOC??  We want to know and hear about the tips and tricks you have developed for your team. Get in touch with us on twitter @jasklabs or with the author directly @gregcmartin

Greg is the Co-Founder and CEO of JASK and has a long and storied history fighting bad guys on the internet. JASK (based in Silicon Valley) is the leader in AI for Cyber Security.


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