JASK Brings Data Visualization Framework to Open Source Community

Increasingly, more organizations are starting to rely on open source software to build their products. JASK is no exception to this trend. At JASK, we leverage a handful of open source tools to build our platform.

Our team wanted to give back to the community beyond just contributing to a project. Today, we are excited to announce that we are making our data visualization engine available to the open source community.

Late last year, we made the decision to build our own data visualization engine to create tailored interactions. The project quickly grew beyond just a few visualizations into an entire framework. What better way to give back to the community by opening this framework up?

The project is called reaviz – short for ReactJS Visualization library. It is a ReactJS component library that leverages D3.js to draw complicated data visualizations.


We are happy to announce that it comes with the following data visualization types:

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Hive Plot
  • Sankey Chart
  • Map Chart
  • Sparklines


With more to be added in the coming months!



Open sourcing is more than just throwing some code on the internet. It entails creating demos, documentation and maintaining the project as issues or code contributions come in. Our UI Architect Austin McDaniel has been a member on several prominent open source projects such as the popular JavaScript framework Angular. We are excited to have Austin on board to help ensure the success of our projects as he brings his expertise to JASK’s projects and the community.

To find out more information on reaviz, please visit

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