Let’s free our analysts

There is no disputing it: The way we manage cyber security is broken. Today most organizations see hundreds if not thousands of cyber attacks daily, sending each of these attacks to a human analyst for investigation is no longer scalable.

Our belief is that to stay effective, the Security Operation Center (SOC) will need to go through the same revolution the auto industry did moving many manual manufacturing tasks to robots. JASK believes human analysts will always be the most effective defense to complex cyber attacks but not if they are stuck in constant alert triage (the digital equivalent of hand painting cars on an assembly line).

JASK’s goal is to re-imagine Security Operations, by hiring the best computer scientists, math experts and machine learning gurus to develop the technology that will enable our best SOC analysts around the globe to work together training machines to automate discovering, responding and even learning about tomorrows cyber threats so we can free our SOC analysts to do the work that really matters most: protect our organizations information!

We have finally reached the perfect storm of technology, policy and opportunity to completely re-factor Security Operations with the major advances in open source big data and AI software and general adoption of cloud native services throughout the enterprise.

Our bet is that now is the right time for this disruption and JASK is fully committed to working with you to solving this problem. Our newly released Trident platform is already defending dozens of large organizations globally and can start learning and automating work for your analysts today!

Let’s free our analysts.



Co-Founder and CEO


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