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When it comes to security operations, large organizations face a troubling situation. Each year, they increase security operations budgets and purchase/deploy new types of technologies, but these investments deliver incremental benefits at best.

Executive Summary

JASK was formed to forge a brand new approach to enterprise Security Operations. Composed of seasoned cyber security leaders, JASK is revolutionizing the security landscape.

Security Operations Accelerated

Teams spend more time on routine threats and keeping there SIEM up and running instead of being able to focus on protecting their organizations from the real and dangerous targeted attacks.

DPI: Data for the SOC

Gaining end-to-end network visibility is a necessity for the SOC team, however Netflow data is insufficient and Full Packet Capture is data overload. DPI, however will provides the right amount.

Case Study: Global Investment Firm

Global Investment Firm Bolsters Small Security Team With Autonomous Security Operations

Case Study: Government Solutions Provider

Digital Government Solutions Security Team Gains Unparalleled Visibility with JASK

eBook: JASK Top 10 Machine Learning Use Cases

We present, in this set of use cases, a series of examples that help illustrate the beauty and power of open source security analytics. Each example shares the exact attack data and remediation.

JASK Webinar: Current Crimeware and Nation State Activity Part 2

JASK Expert Analysis Series presented by Rod Soto: Current Crimeware and Nation State Activity Part 2

JASK Webinar: Current Crimeware and Nation State Activity

JASK Expert Analysis Series presented by Kevin Stear: Current Crimeware and Nation State Activity

JASK Webinar: Delivering Real-Time SOC Benefits with SOAPA + ASOC

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and JASK pair up to offer an on-demand webinar about the top 5 security and operation challenges faced by organizations on a daily basis. Register now to see how JASK is fundamentally changing security operations today.

JASK Webinar: A Cure for the Common SOC by Rocky DeStefano (ISSA Thought Leadership Series)

With cybersecurity concerns escalating, organizations of all sizes have scrambled to boost budgets, hire talent and improve security operations – all in the hopes of catching up with and defeating a sophisticated and nearly-invisible enemy.

JASK Webinar: Threat Hunting on Hadoop Using Zeppelin Notebooks

Join Daniel Smallwood as he walks through some of Hadoop’s key threat detection techniques, an intro to Zepplin Notebooks, and threat hunting using PySpark and SparkSQL.

Security Guy Radio: Blackhat 2018

Security Guy Radio: Blackhat 2018 with Rob Soto

Join JASK at Blackhat, DefCon and BSides!

Watch what JASK has planned for BlackHat, DefCon, and BSides. See you there!

JASK HQ2 Austin Grand Opening

We had a great HQ2 grand opening on April 26, 2018! Stay tuned for more exciting events as we grow our team in Austin.

JASK: Freeing the analyst with autonomous decisions

JASK's automated approach that reduces the noise down to the true signals so the analysts can act quickly and respond quickly.

JASK at RSA 2018

JASK stands out at RSA

JASK RSA 2018: Forgive Me Father For I Have SIEM

JASK Asks: Do you have SIEM? How do you use SIEM?

JASK Interview: Rod Soto at Black Hat 2017

At Black Hat 2017, JASK Director of Security Research Rod Soto caught up with Security Guy Radio to discuss how JASK leverages machine learning techniques to streamline security operations and why we built JASK on open source.

Why Partner with JASK

JASK Answers brings together cybersecurity solution provider and technology alliance partners to broaden the reach and capabilities of the JASK ASOC platform.


Stop by our booth and say hello!

JASK Customer Success: VEEVA

JASK customer, Veeva, is seeking to evolve its security operations capabilities to get analytics and more actionable alerts out of its data. Veeva Global Information Security Officer, David Tsao, explains how his vision for the SOC of the future is made possible with JASK.

Watch a 3 minute video about JASK’s Mission and Vision

SOC analysts manage too many alerts without enough context. Learn from our team how JASK is modernizing security operations and freeing analysts to do the job they signed up to do. In this video, get a view into how our Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform works.

JASK Customer Success

At JASK we aim to discover and understand the problem set of our customers, so that we can align JASK’s value and ensure we’re delivering the highest level return on investment that CISOs are seeking. Learn more about our customer success philosophy and how we create programs that drive success and improve SOC efficiency.

JASK Sponsors Bryson DeChambeau, A professional golfer

Recently, JASK announced a sponsorship of Bryson DeChambeau, a professional golfer who in just his 2nd year on tour has won two tournaments.

Applied Machine Learning in Security Part 2: The yawning chasm between image recognition and threat detection

This the second post in a multi-part series about employing “real” machine learning in network security. The remainder of the series will follow with more details to come.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

In order to provide clarity and perspective, this blog will define AI and machine learning and their respective relationship.

The Trickle Down of Supply Chain Attacks

Under the cover of reputable and trusted software vendors, many enterprises have unknowingly given away access and privileges to malicious actors.

Beyond SIEM, Beyond Orchestration

Users can now leverage Demisto’s security orchestration and automation capabilities with JASK’s AI-driven, autonomous security operations capabilities for efficient and accelerated incident……

DoublePulsar exploit targeting Windows Embedded devices

SpecOps Threat Update: This new modification of DoublePulsar adds capability to potentially exploit a significant number of previously untargetable Windows IoT devices.

DDoS Will Never Die

Malicious actors will research, probe and exploit every possible internet-exposed device (among other things) because DDoS can be very profitable, even more profitable if combined with crypto mining.…

How to Keep Your Security Analysts

The same questions keep lingering: why is keeping security analysts so difficult, and what do analysts want from their position?

NoSQL-based stacks exposed to the Internet actively exploited

The popularity of these frameworks makes them attractive for exploitation as malicious actors are constantly seeking resources for crime-driven operations such as spam, piracy, DDoS and profit-driven…

Browser extensions: Hidden behind good, can be very bad

As these extensions have become popular so has the attention of malicious actors shifted towards them, in many cases providing an effective mean to compromise very large number of victims.

Beyond SIEM: Evolving Correlation

Some correlations engines are more powerful than others, but most of the time they all still provide the same level of functionality in one way or another. These events usually get triaged by an…

Dynamic Asset Discovery

A large number of data breaches occur as a result of weak or inefficient perimeter protection. With the ever-increasing diversity among the devices being connected to a network and the…

From Russia with Love?

Alarm bells went off last week as the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that a large number of small office home office (SOHO) routers and storage devices were being actively…

Cryptocurrency & the Underground Economy

For years the underground economy of cybercrime has been financially motivated to constantly evolve and adopt new tactics, tools and procedures (TTPs).  Nowhere is this more evident than in…

All your passwords are belong to us

There are a number of password alternatives or complements that can improve security from using passwords as the only authentication/authorization method.

How botnets are built on mass CMS exploitation

It is calculated that the internet has about 2 billion websites, and there are plenty that are built using CMS (content management frameworks).

Weaponizing Oracle WebLogic Vulnerabilities

Recent Oracle WebLogic vulnerabilities CVE-2017-10271 and CVE-2018-2628 are just another chapter in this story, as bots have already been observed attempting weaponize these vulns.

Applied Machine Learning in Security Part 1: The Introduction for Skeptics

This the first post in a multi-part series about employing “real” machine learning in network security. The remainder of the series will follow with more details to come.

Trickbot ‘Son of Dyre’

Each day, security operation centers and researchers alike wage battle against incoming waves of scanning, brute force attempts, and malicious email.

Rig Exploit Kit delivering ransomware via Adobe Flash exploit (CVE-2018-4878)

Exploit kits are very efficient tools used in the cybercrime underground. These frameworks are packed with a number of exploits and mechanisms to detect vulnerabilities in systems/applications and…

What Data Types to Prioritize to Shine the Light on Blind Spots in Your SIEM

More log data equals more money and, as a result, enterprises have to make a difficult choice around what log sources and data are what they guess is the most important. 


A new vulnerability affecting the popular content management system (CMS) framework Drupal has been announced. This vulnerability is said to affect over 1 Million websites.

Future SOC: The Universal Analyst

Backed by government funding and Silicon Valley VCs, technologists are working furiously to innovate technologies like machine learning and AI and leverage them to force-multiply SOC analyst…

New Samba Vulnerabilities

A new set of vulnerabilities found in the SAMBA service protocol highlight the need for approaches that go beyond the simple use of static signature defense technologies. These two vulnerabilities…

Four “Red Flag” SOC Phrases

Security is a hot-button issue in businesses today to a degree we haven’t seen before. For the C-suite and other business leaders that begin paying more attention to what’s going on in the SOC, it…

Domain Hijacking Impersonation Campaigns

A number of domain “forgeries” or tricky, translated look-alikes have been observed recently. These attack campaigns cleverly abuse International Domain Names (IDN) which, once translated into ASCII…

Cryptocoin Mining Attack Vectors Reshaping the Threatscape

The rise in value of cryptocurrencies is driving malicious actors to implement payloads that allow the use of CPU/GPU of compromised hosts in order to mine cryptocurrency.  The process of mining is…

Building Lightweight Streaming Time Series Models

With modern technology today, almost all personal devices participate in a highly connected interweb and leave a footprint of our digital behaviors. The power of analytic modeling can help us…

Connecting the Dots

As a technology marketer, I have spent 20 years working with technical teams to identify ways to articulate how and why solutions work the way they do. While I have worked in many complex industries,…

Love The Vendor That Loves You Back

The sales machine is a complex beast and many may misinterpret who a good sales team is ultimately meant to serve. When salespeople want you as a customer, it’s their goal to bring you into the fold…

Introducing CHIRON: A Case for Home Network Monitoring and Defense

Nowadays, all our homes have become microenvironments for complex networking, composed of almost every single home appliance with added processing and networking capabilities. Examples of these home…

Keeping the “Science” in “Data Science”: Calibrating Algorithms for Threat Detection

As attack payloads and methods have become more easily adaptable and customizable to individual campaigns and targets (e.g. polymorphic malware, customized payloads, credential theft, etc.), threat…

From Data Center to Endpoint: JASK Partners with SentinelOne to Give Deep Visibility into Threats Across the Enterprise

Partnership Empowers Customers to Autonomously Detect and Stop Advanced Threats

Jask’s Chiron Brings AI Threat Detection to Home Networks

There are a lot of different ways to detect potential intruders on an enterprise network, but what about smaller businesses or consumers? That's the challenge that Rob Soto, director of security…

JASK Unveils Research and Discusses the Future of the SOC in Las Vegas

Company’s Security Experts Will Present on Stage at Black Hat, BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON Conferences

A New SOC Strategy in Light of Skills Shortage

To help address these and other challenges, Encompass Health has been implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from security vendor JASK.

JASK Appoints Dave DeWalt as Vice Chairman of Board of Directors

Today, JASK announced that former FireEye and McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt has joined the company’s board of directors as vice chairman.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

In order to provide clarity and perspective, this blog will define AI and machine learning and their respective relationship.

Unique Connection Drives JASK to Partner with PGA Tour Golfer Bryson DeChambeau

No. 22 Ranked Player’s Innovative Approach to Game Mirrors Core Mission of Analytics-Driven Cybersecurity Startup

Sell Signal? Startup Snags Big Contract From Splunk

Splunk is facing some serious competition from a startup that just raised $25 million from Kleiner Perkins and others.

JASK Announces $25M Series B Financing Led by Kleiner Perkins

Investment Will Accelerate Adoption of the JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center Platform; Kleiner Perkins' Ted Schlein to Join Board.

Thursday Tech Crawl: Cybersecurity firm Jask, which is growing its Austin presence, lands $25M. Plus more technology news.

The lead investor in the deal was Silicon Valley venture firm Kleiner Perkins, with participation from early investors including Battery Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital.

Autonomous Security Operations Center Platform Jask Raises $25M in Series B

Jask, a San Francisco, CA- and Austin, Texas-based provider of an Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, raised $25M in Series B funding.

Jask Raises $25M Series B Funding for Autonomous Security Platform

Jask, which debuted its autonomous security platform at last year’s Black Hat USA conference, today said it raised $25 million in Series B funding. This brings its total to $39 million.

JASK announces $25M financing to advance security beyond SIEM

JASK, the creator and provider of the first Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, has raised $25M in Series B funding.

On path to automate cybersecurity protection, Jask stocks up on tech talent in Austin

With much of its executive team based in Austin and 50 employees, Jask is making the Texas capital its second headquarters. The cybersecurity company just raised an additional $25 million.

JASK Announces Series B Led by Kleiner Perkins

JASK, the provider of the industry’s first Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, today announced that it raised $25M in Series B funding.

Upstart Data Wrangler Raises $25 Million to Take on IBM, HPE, and Splunk

Data-cruncher ArcSight dominated security operations centers—the digital war rooms of corporations—through the aughts. Splunk, a mighty rival, took the lead in the present decade. But which company…

JASK Announces $25M Series B Financing Led by Kleiner Perkins to Advance Security Operations Beyond SIEM

JASK, the provider of the industry’s first Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, today announced that it raised $25M in Series B funding.

Mac security vulnerability via outside apps opened the door to hacking

Apple has always been known to be one of the most secure development platforms, with past incidents indicating that only professional criminals or nation-state groups could perform these types of…

JASK Joins NVIDIA Inception Program to Bolster AI-Driven Cybersecurity

JASK, the provider of the industry’s first Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, which is designed to nurture startups…

VPNFilter Continues Targeting Routers in Ukraine

While it’s unclear exactly what else the FBI and cybersecurity firms did to disrupt the botnet, researchers at Jask and GreyNoise Intelligence noticed that VPNFilter has continued to target routers…

The VPNFilter Botnet Is Attempting a Comeback

Security researchers from JASK and GreyNoise Intelligence revealed on Friday that they had detected the same threat actor that built the first iteration of the VPNFilter botnet attempting to…

Building Blocks for a Threat Hunting Program

Alarm bells went off last week as the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that a large number of small office home office (SOHO) routers and storage devices were being actively…

The rise of analyst-centric security operations technologies

To address this information flood problem, JASK offers AI-based technology for SOCs. It can either complement or replace traditional Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) products from…

‘Smart’ Vendors Make Splash

To address this information flood problem, JASK offers AI-based technology for SOCs. It can either complement or replace traditional Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) products from…

JASK Expands Platform Beyond SIEM

JASK ASOC Platform Sets New Standard for Security Operations Effectiveness with Enhanced JASK Navigator Investigation Console and Analyst-Driven Workflows.

JASK Applies AI to Security Incident Analysis, Management

Imagine a security analysis platform that can comb through the thousands of alerts you’re getting from your intrusion detection system, your firewalls and your log files and look for connections…

JASK Unveils Special Ops

JASK Unveils ‘Special Ops’ Professional Service to Support Customers with an Elite Cyber Threat Hunting Team

Cryto-Me0wing, Not a Cute Kitty of the Internet

The Kitty malware is predominately being deployed for crypto-mining purposes, but Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK, said it’s important to note that vulnerabilities that affect CMS…

Cat Burglar: Kitty cryptominer targets web application servers, then spreads to app users

“...It's important to note that vulnerabilities that affect CMS frameworks - like Drupalgeddon 2.0 - are particularly concerning because the systems make up a significant portion of the internet and…

JASK Hires Former Cylance Executive As CMO for Autonomous SOC Push

Jask, an autonomous security operations center (ASOC) platform provider, has hired Cylanceveteran Greg Fitzgerald as its CMO. Fitzgerald is responsible for the global strategy and execution of Jask’s…

This Bay Area cybersecurity startup has big hiring plans in Austin

With a new office at The Domain, JASK has named Austin as its second headquarters. That office is already home to the company’s VP of product Rocky DeStefano, CTO J.J. Guy, VP of engineering Rob Fry,…

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News

JASK, which develops an Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, has hired Greg “Fitz” Fitzgerald as chief marketing officer (CMO). He previously was CMO of Cylance. Earlier, he held…

JASK Appoints Recognized Cyber Market Maker Greg Fitzgerald as CMO and Unveils HQ2 in Austin

Founding Cylance CMO Leads ASOC Platform Company's Global Go-To-Market Strategy From New Office in the Domain Northside

CB Insights Cyber Defenders 2018: Autonomous Watchdog

An ideal security operations center (SOC) fuses data-streams to give analysts an overview of a company’s systems. Autonomous systems help analysts prioritize which alerts to address.

URL file attacks spread Quant Locker

Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK, told SC Media the attack matches current observations of other malicious campaigns where scripting languages are being used to execute exploitation…

JASK ASOC Platform Integrates With Demisto Enterprise to Optimize Security Operations

J.J. Guy, chief technology officer at the cybersecurity firm JASK, said that the spread of ransomware attacks on public safety agencies and other key government operations shows...

Hackers have taken down dozens of 911 centers. Why is it so hard to stop them?

When news broke last week of a hacking attack on Baltimore’s 911 system, Chad Howard felt a rush of nightmarish memories.

JASK and the Future of Autonomous Cybersecurity

Read Danny Crichton's article exploring the truth about today's Security Operations Center and what the future just might bring us.

JASK Expands World-Class Technology Team with Appointment of Rob Fry as VP of Engineering

Industry Veteran and Former Netflix Security Leader to Drive Development of the JASK ASOC Platform; Will Join Company in Austin, Texas Office

Startup Attacks Splunk In $6B Cyberthreat Data Market

Why would a company buy software from a startup when a large publicly-traded supplier is happy to sell it to you? The answer is easy to say and hard to do

JASK Brings AI-powered Security Platform to Europe in Partnership with Ignition Technology

JASK Answers for Channel Partners, a Programme Designed to Expand the Availability of the Autonomous Security Operations Platform, Launches in the UK Today

Record-breaking GitHub DDoS Attack: Here’s What Enterprises Need to Know

“While the DDoS attack GitHub experienced was the largest ever recorded, organizations should be prepared for campaigns of this magnitude going forward, as they’ll likely become commonplace,” Rod…

Cellebrite Reportedly Can Unlock Every iPhone Model

Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK told SC Media history has taught us that keeping zero days in the name of security or for law enforcement is dangerous.

20 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in 2018

The JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform leverages AI and machine learning to automate basic and repetitive security operations tasks, freeing SOC...

Israeli Security Firm Cellebrite Claims to be Able to Hack iOS 11

Industry Veteran and Former Netflix Security Leader to Drive Development of the JASK ASOC Platform; Will Join Company in Austin, Texas Office

JASK channel partner program looks for regional allies

"The JASK channel partner program is looking for regional partners as it rolls out a go-to-market strategy for its Autonomous Security Operations Center platform."

Stalled Equifax Breach Investigation Could Provide Valuable Insight

"Cybersecurity experts agree that it’s important to investigate the root cause and subsequent actions that led to the Equifax breach. “The investigation into Equifax should continue...

JASK Announces Technology Alliance with Carbon Black

Carbon Black, the Latest to Join the JASK Answers for Technology Alliances Program, Helps SOC Analysts Speed Response Times

AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

"Ninety percent of AI is data logistics," says JJ Guy, CTO at Jask, an AI-based cybersecurity startup. "All the major AI advances have been fueled by advances in data sets," he says.

The role retailers should play in driving IoT security certification standards

“One of the biggest risks to IoT is that there are currently no security standards for the hundreds of new IoT devices that flood the market each year. For e-commerce, we rely on SSL to consistently…

Live from BlackHat: Rod Soto Interview

Rod Soto is interview by Security Guy TV live from BlackHat USA 2017

Greg Martin: Security operations is broken, and AI can fix it

To uncover how to improve security, we must first consider that the way we perform security operations is broken. Security operations teams — often part of a centralized security operations center —…

Trident Product Release: Press Coverage Round-up

A round-up of coverage accompanying the recent launch of TRIDENT

JASK emerges from stealth with $12 million… Press Round-up

Machine learning and AI are going to reach colossal levels by 2021 as the market swells to $96 billion.

Buckle up for the AI security revolution – spending to hit $96b by 2021

Machine learning and AI are going to reach colossal levels by 2021 as the market swells to $96 billion.

Gigamon brings deep packet inspection to Amazon cloud

Gigamon Inc. is bringing on-premise-like network visibility to the Amazon Web Services cloud with a data-in-motion visibility platform...

Can Hackers Be Stopped? The State of Defense in the Private Sector

One week before the recent massive hack attack shut off access to Twitter, PayPal, Airbnb and dozens of other major websites, I was at an off-the-record conference with leaders of some of the…

Meet The Technology That Could Be A Surprising Savior In Securing The ‘Internet Of Things’

Is that smart light bulb spying on you? Connecting household objects to the Web – the “Internet of Things”, or IoT for short – holds amazing promise and is spawning new applications all the……

Cisco launches $10 million scholarship to tackle cybersecurity talent shortage

Networking technology behemoth Cisco has announced a new multi-million dollar fund to tackle the growing shortage in the global cybersecurity talent pool.

How deep is your learning?

When the virtual assistant Siri showed up on iPhones four years ago, the technology felt like the first glimpse of those scary-smart, talking robots you’ve been reading about in science fiction for…

Fast Data Will Revolutionize Cybersecurity in 2016

How could ordering a pizza take down a bank? ...

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