JASK customer, Veeva, is seeking to evolve its security operations capabilities to get analytics and more actionable alerts out of its data. Veeva Global Information Security Officer, David Tsao, explains how his vision for the SOC of the future is made possible with JASK.

Modernizing Security Operations

Security operations are designed around yesterday’s technology, not those responsible for protecting organizations from threats.

As a result, analysts spend about 80% of their time managing, on average, 1700 alerts a day. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and Machine Learning, JASK is removing technology limitations, freeing analysts to threat hunt with enhanced visibility and the confidence to focus on the highest-priority alerts.

The Hive

JASK believes in allowing customers to communicate with our employees in an easy and effective manner.

So JASK created the HIVE. Hosted in its own SLACK instance, the HIVE contains JASK employees, partners, and customers. Every user is hidden, meaning that unless a user is active on the public channels (News, Updates, Security-Scraper, etc.) then they can just soak in information. At the same time private channels linked to a customers team allow for real time question asking and answering for their dedicated Technical Account Manager.

JASK Customizations

The JASK ASOC platform is designed to be the single pane of glass every security team has dreamt of.

In order to really get it right, we work closely with the team to understand which pivots take place and where in the process they happen. This means we create custom integrations to meet your needs. We already have a rich Tech Alliance community, along with an even larger Integrations and Enrichments community available today! Don’t see your tech provider, Just Ask!



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