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Old SIEM World vs Modern SIEM, Experience the Difference

Grab your seat with JASK for a one-hour, free lunch-and-learn demonstration at JASK’s SIEM Insanity Tour. By attending you will have your ‘eyes pop and mouths drop’ at the financial calculator and user workflow impact of today’s security operations.

In addition, we will unveil a new research study that will help you understand and justify how to move from traditional security operations inefficiencies to a more simple security analyst workflow.

Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result - stop the Insanity!

Register for your seat today, as space is limited!

Why you should be here.

Make Life

Reduce the time and effort spent manually collecting, aggregating, parsing and analyzing threats. Traditional SIEMs are incredibly manual, overwhelmingly complex User Interfaces and not actionable. It's time to show there is a modern way - today!

Complete Threat Visibility

Get the real scoop on threats. The challenge with any central repository is that it’s only as good as the data it collects and parses. Manual or static script efforts are inconsistent, incomplete and irrelevant quickly. JASK’s A.I. approach finds links between data points from any source and creates a composite ‘Insight’ that allows an analyst to evaluate a compromise in one-click!

Operational Cost Savings

At a fraction of the software cost, reduced storage, no hardware and little services and maintenance expense, JASK changes the financial justification for switching from today’s traditional SIEM to a modern approach. It's undeniable that today’s SIEMs are unsustainable financially and becoming less valuable in speeding the mean time to detection, even as they add more functionality! JASK will demonstrate how to make this switch effectively and affordably.

Register today and find an event near you!

January 23, 2019 Austin, TX
January 24, 2019 Houston, TX
February 15, 2019 Santa Monica, CA
February 19, 2019 Dallas, TX
February 26, 2019 Phoenix, AZ
March 21, 2019 Houston, TX
March 26, 2019 Columbus, OH
March 28, 2019 Indianapolis, IN
April 9, 2019 Calgary, Canada
TBD Boston, MA
TBD Washington, D.C.
TBD Charlotte, NC
May 7, 2019 London, UK
TBD New York City, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

CISO, VP of IT and Heads of SOC Operations gain insight to the business justification of having the right platform to solve the threat management problem. Insights gained from hundreds of organizations will be provided to show how the organization can mature in an affordable way.

SOC Analysts, Security Tool Managers and Tier 2 and 3 Security Responders will quickly see how they can get to the answers they want about the threats evolving in their environment. How they can respond before the threats get out of hand!

Where are these events?

Most events are hosted in restaurants during the normal lunch hour. Designed to be easy to get to, justifiable to attend (everyone has to eat, right?) and educational in nature. Leave the selling to the sales reps - we’re marketing and technical folks.

What should I walk away with?

Your time will be valued. You should walk away with a previously unseen experience of comparing ‘old’ vs ‘new’ worlds of technology designed to solve the same problems but in a modern, more effective and efficient way. Our hope is that you no longer feel ‘trapped’ by technology and rather ‘freed’ from it to have technology fit your organization - and not the other way around.

Will this demonstration be recorded so I can see it later or online?

Unfortunately the experience of this event is not compatible with a webinar or video. Its highly interactive and engaging. The only way to see it is to be there! Look for JASK in your city and at your favorite cybersecurity IT events.

How do I get more information about JASK?

Scour this www.jask.com web site! Also google us for news with customer and analyst commentary. Also, just call us at : 800-335-0403 to speak to a customer representative. You’ll be so happy you did!

Don't see your city listed above? Send a note to request a tour in your city!

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The JASK ASOC platform is a modern, cloud-native SIEM, analyzing cloud environments in addition to on-premises network, endpoint, and logs in a single platform.

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