Four “Red Flag” SOC Phrases


Security is a hot-button issue in businesses today to a degree we haven’t seen before. For the C-suite and other business leaders that begin paying more attention to what’s going on in the SOC, it can be like entering a foreign country – full of customs and phrases that are as difficult to interpret as a whole new language.

CISOs and senior security staff end up playing an important role as translator. However, it can be challenging to distill complex SOC dynamics into bite-sized issues that the company can recognize and overcome.

This barrier has contributed to problems such as security blind spots, job dissatisfaction among analysts and the ever-growing skills gap – big time, top-of-mind challenges for the security industry. That’s why I recently penned an article for Dark Reading, called “SOC in Translation: 4 Common Phrases & Why They Raise Flags.” It begins:

Having worked in many different security environments, I’ve picked up on more than a few phrases that you hear only in the security operations center (SOC). These catchphrases frequently need translation — especially as CISOs and the entire C-suite look to get more involved with their organizations’ security practices.

Below are a few to listen for, along with what they mean for the business.

If you’re running into communication barriers within your SOC or between security teams and business leaders, I recommend giving it a quick read. Being able to interpret these four phrases can save your business a lot of headache, and point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting new security tools and positioning your team for success.

The full Dark Reading article can be found here.

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