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Augmenting Legacy SIEM


Elevating Your Analysts

Allow your analysts to be significantly more effective with intelligent and automated grouping of signals and alerts to provide better context. The modern, intuitive interface ensures your analysts are productive immediately. JASK can provide:

  • Analysis of all signals and alerts without filtering
  • Network visibility with deep packet inspection
  • User context and attribution
  • Threat intelligence enrichment


Insights, Not Alerts

There’s already too many alerts. So JASK isn’t designed to generate more. Adding JASK intelligently groups signals from your existing systems to surface JASK Insights. These Insights provide context to make the life of the analyst easier.


High Fidelity Analysis

The analytics you get today don’t give you the full picture. Adding JASK exposes your blind spots with high fidelity analysis so you have real visibility of your enterprise.

Other ways to use JASK:
Replacing Legacy SIEM and Building a SOC.

Let’s Talk

JASK is flexible and customizable. Speak with one of our Solution Engineers about your company’s environment, the pains you are trying to relieve and the use cases that are important to you.


See the JASK Platform in Action

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Browse through 6 most important features of the JASK’s ASOC platform.

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