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Use Cases


Cross-protocol Anomaly Detection

Advanced Anomaly detection using unsupervised time-series based protocol anomalies allows users to find interesting changes within their network, users or logs while your analysts are sleeping. Deep contextualization baked into the platform reduces any need for tuning or false alarms. This capability is powerful for detecting the truly unknown like anomalous exfiltration traffic within encrypted data channels.


Intelligent User Behavior Monitoring

User behavior monitoring is a powerful new addition to Security Operations technology, JASK has taken this concept to new levels by enhancing it with combined context of Network, Device and Application layered with your existing Threat Intelligence feeds produces smart unsupervised behavior anomalies which much more accuracy and richer context than ever before. Want to know when your CFO's keyboard mysteriously changes to a foreign language at 1am?


Real-Time Lateral Movement Tracking

Fusing data from Network, Endpoint, Syslog and User (Windows AD) we have powerful and modern capabilities to detect "live off the land" style attacks which have been traditionally difficult to detect. Want to know when your mail-room intern is logging into a database service via powershell?


Security Data Science Workbench

Threat hunting is an exciting emerging discipline within security operations, JASK fully supports and advances the art with our security data science workbench powered by Apache Spark. This allows taking your Threat Hunting to new levels enabled by simply SQL, Python, Java or Scala. Even prototype your own algorithms using MLlib or Tensorflow for threat hunting and run them right in the workbench for real-time results.

Cross-protocol Anomaly Detection
Intelligent User Behavior Monitoring
Real-Time Lateral Movement Tracking
Security Data Science Workbench


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