The Latest JASK Release is Here


It just gets better and better! We are extremely excited to share the latest release of the JASK cloud-native SIEM. Available today, this release features a complete redesign of the user interface and includes a new Heads Up Display (HUD) allowing analysts and SOC managers to better understand their data.


Key features include:

  • Search as a first-class citizen throughout the application
  • Configurable time window that adjusts the data points in the HUD
  • Enhanced metrics
  • Sensor status
  • Counts of Records, Signals, and Insights in the Radar over the defined time period
  • Enhanced details throughout the interface



The Insights page has been improved with the following features to make analysts more efficient by better supporting their workflow:

  • Color-coded Insights based on the status
  • A new Insight severity rating to help prioritization
  • Count of Insights based on filter status



New Context Actions allow analysts to configure different web-based tools as part of their investigation steps (such as a VirusTotal IP Address Search in this example).



Enhanced Investigations:

  • Amplified cloud-scale search that improves query performance by 30 to 100x
  • Multi-user queries
  • Query Manager
  • New export and print capabilities
  • Over 25 new vendor related notebooks
  • Better table view of queries



New Workflow Actions:

  • IBM Resilient
  • Microsoft Teams


The last major feature in this release is the new swagger API with built-in documentation and testing capability.



So, what are you waiting for? Contact JASK today to learn more about how we are working with our customers to redefine and modernize security operations.



About the Author

Steven Dietz is technical director of field operations at JASK. With over 18 years of information security experience ranging from being an analyst to building world-class security operations, he demonstrates to potential customers how and why to use JASK products.




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