Putting JASK to Work in
Your SOC

As the Modern SOC Company™, JASK helps modernize your SOC. Here are five specific situations where customers are applying the JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform to modernize their security operations.

Threat Detection

Many organizations experience blind spots from poor LMS or SIEM implementations, likely due to scale and cost issues. This means data sources are not getting captured and only a small subset of events and activities are actually analyzed. For traditional solutions that charge by data usage or velocity, organizations are forced to choose which data they can afford to send to it. Since the daily number of alerts a team can investigate is finite, data is often filtered out resulting in decreased threat visibility—particularly for lower severity events. Unfortunately, that’s where adept attackers commonly hide their activities.

JASK analyzes ALL alerts and related events, without sampling, to ensure comprehensive visibility. Our JASK Adaptive Signal Clustering (ASC) Engine connects events across weeks of time that may not be humanly possible or practical. JASK surfaces the true critical incidents, helping organizations overcome the shortcomings of SIEM implementations that are often hindered with blind spots and only analyze a small portion of alerts.

Cloud Security and Monitoring

As organizations increasingly move information and computing workloads into the cloud, visibility is often reduced, increasing risk. This risk can be a key roadblock hindering an organization’s cloud migration efforts. Cloud services and security tools also produce additional security logs and events which compounds existing alert fatigue many organizations struggle with.

JASK seamlessly monitors your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures alongside your traditional on-premises infrastructure—all from a single platform. JASK ASOC is cloud-native, created on the AWS platform, providing the only modern SIEM built in the cloud, for the cloud. Being truly cloud-native compared to ‘cloud-ready’ or ‘SaaS-ified’ on-prem code means the JASK ASOC platform delivers the advantages of SaaS simplicity, faster iteration, and the power to automatically scale and analyze all alert data without sampling.

Security Automation and Orchestration

Security analysts manually investigate data pulled from a myriad of sources. Too often the analyst finds themselves pivoting between siloed data across different locations using multiple tools. This leads to inefficiencies and consumes precious time, compounded by the increasing number of alerts generated by their security stack.

JASK expedites analyst workflows by automating data collection, correlation, and alert prioritization to support investigations. Analysts gain the support they require for quick decisions and rapid response and avoid the dreaded “swivel-chair integration” of pivoting between siloed systems. JASK enables security operations to drive fully automated playbook actions by pushing response actions into their response platforms, including Demisto, ServiceNow, and more.

Threat Hunting

Many “black-box” artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms are burdensome to organizations when their analysts need unencumbered access for hunting or exploring. Events go into those solutions and alerts come out; however, the team doesn’t understand how, nor why, they got the result they did. Those solutions don’t allow analysts to validate results nor investigate an undetermined, or ‘non-result’.

Freed from the daily triage of alerts, JASK enables your analysts to perform higher-value functions like incident response, vulnerability and patch management, and threat hunting. Analysts and data scientists can leverage JASK as a fully-managed data lake with unencumbered data access for their threat hunting or fact-finding activities.