Verodin Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast: The Age of the Intelligent Soc

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Greg Martin, CEO and Co-Founder of JASK, on the Verodin Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from 2019 security predictions and the cyberthreats every organization should be thinking about to SIEM and how AI has changed security operations.

Greg’s career is steeped in designing and deploying security operations centers (SOC) from his earliest days in cybersecurity. Like me, he is also an ArcSight alumni and helped architect SIEM solutions in SOCs for organizations around the world. Because of this, Greg has seen what works and what doesn’t, giving him some eye-opening perspectives on security from a tactical, operational perspective as well as from a strategic, leadership perspective.

Take a moment and hear Greg’s insights and be sure to check out other episodes of the Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast, sponsored by Verodin.

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