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There’s No “I” in SEM

February 13th, 11 AM

Wednesday, February 13 @ 11 AM PT

There's No "I" in SEM

The current state of Security Information and Event Management, SIEM as it’s known today, is complex and burdensome with a lot of legacy baggage. SIEM came together from what seemed like a natural pairing between SIM and SEM solutions, but with legacy technologies and changing market demand, the SEM functions of SIEM solutions are falling short.

The supply and demand for SOC analysts is at its crucial point where we need to explore the “right tool, right job” solutions to better serve the SOC needs.

Join JASK Vice President of Field Operations Andrew Maloney to learn more about:

- Distinction between SIEM, SEM and SIM
- Where SEM is falling short
- How organizations should decouple their SEM to truly meet their needs
- Adoption of a platform for faster, easier incident discovery and triage