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Modernizing Security

Founded by industry leaders in security operations, JASK promises to make the workload of security analysts more effective and less overwhelming than what’s been done in the past.


JASK is modernizing security operations to reduce organizational risk by improving human efficiency.


What We Believe

Effective cybersecurity programs align the “Golden Triangle” of People, Process, and Technology. Unfortunately, today’s Security Operations Center suffer in all three of these areas today. Current SOC tools force too many manual processes in a world where there are not enough people, with inadequate skills and experience to properly identify, analyze and act on the volume and dynamic nature of threats.

JASK helps organizations more effectively defend against cyber-threats by positively impacting all three aspects of People, Process, and Technology. Leveraging ML-based automation to alleviate the cyber-skills shortage, JASK distills all the noise into JASK Insights: a collection of related alerts and events details that are prioritized with contextual information, improving the analyst workflow and prioritizing their efforts.


What We Do

Today’s SOC is built around legacy solutions with technology that was invented years, even decades ago. With the thread landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, SOC teams are limited and handicapped, unable to keep pace with the volume and the sophistication of modern attacks. JASK is empowering the SOC analyst to focus on investigative and response work, rather than the onerous alert discrimination that is required to simply determine what is important.

JASK’s Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform is a cloud-native SIEM that automates alert triage by delivering prioritized and contextualized threat incidents. This ensures that all security information is analyzed, alleviates manual workloads and elevates threat data for analysts, allowing them to focus on what really matters.


Why We Are Different

Architected natively as a cloud platform, JASK leverages the power of the cloud for ingestion and analytics. We lower the TCO by removing all of the complexity of the on-premises infrastructure and the associated engineering resources to support and maintain. And the cloud is simply faster: faster to build, learn, and iterate.

Cloud Visibility
Extensive cloud-security experience enables JASK the unparalleled ability to understand and effectively monitor AWS and Azure cloud environments. JASK also handles your traditional on-premises infrastructure, processing, network, endpoint, and security event logs in a single platform.


Making It Simple

Human-in-the-Loop Automation
JASK gives your security analysts the edge by automating alert triage. Related alerts and events are intelligently grouped into a JASK Insight, where analysts are are guided to focus on prioritized incidents.

Predictable Cost Model
JASK understands that organizations shouldn’t be penalized for bringing more data into the platform for analysis and context. Our cost model is not driven by data volume or data velocity.



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