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Modernizing Security

Founded by industry leaders in security operations, JASK promises to make the workload of security analysts more effective and less overwhelming than what's been done in the past.


JASK is modernizing security operations to reduce organizational risk and improve human efficiency.


What We Believe

Cybersecurity isn’t a technology problem, its a human one. There are not enough people, with too few skills and attack experience to properly identify, analyze and act on the volume and dynamic nature of threats.

This can be solved by making the people defending organizations smarter, faster and more accurate in their efforts. Plenty of technologies log and alert, yet humans are overwhelmed. JASK distills this ‘noise’ into meaningful prioritized and contextualized forensic threat JASK Insights™ that immediately give the human analyst a visually and data encapsulated place to start an investigation, without all the laborious work that’s required with today’s SOC tools.


Why We Are Different

JASK is an acronym of “Just Ask”. We want to give the analyst what they need to answer their pressing threat questions - immediately and with minimal effort. Our unique capability comes from decades of actual SOC operations to ensure tools work for the analyst rather than forcing the analyst to work on the tool.

JASK is distinct in offering four key differences:

  • Open data ingestion & parsing from any device, anywhere (on premise, cloud, IoT, custom, etc.)
  • Forensically holistic Insights for simple, prioritized visualization of threats - both easily known and complexly suspect.
  • Flexible Incident Response workflows and autonomous A.I. decision making that links disparate data into actionable information.
  • Predictable cost model for data ingestion and management.


What We Do

JASK is modernizing security operations with products and services to reduce organizational risk and improve human efficiency. We are empowering the SOC analyst to focus on investigative and response work, rather than the onerous data ingestion, normalization, parsing, and alert discrimination that is required to simply determine what is important.

Purpose-built by JASK, proven in solving real-world SOC issues, the JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) Platform enhances threat detection and orchestration to improve contextual visibility, expose blind spots and initiate faster response times with advanced insights.



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