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JASK ASOC Platform Integrates With Demisto Enterprise to Optimize Security Operations

Demisto, Provider of the Leading Security Orchestration (SOAR) Platform, Joins JASK Answers for Technology Alliances


SAN FRANCISCO – April 10, 2018 JASK, the provider of the industry’s first Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform, today announced Demisto as the latest technology alliance member to join the JASK Answers Partner Network. The integration between the JASK ASOC platform and Demisto Enterprise will enable security operations center (SOC) teams to focus their attention on the issues that matter during the critical phases of threat hunting, response and remediation.

Security operations teams are overburdened by alert volume and the lack of context needed to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated modern attacks. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the JASK ASOC platform provides SOC analysts with advanced insights and contextual visibility into threat activity. JASK’s integration with Demisto further empowers SOC analysts to easily complete the incident response and threat mitigation process by leveraging Demisto’s visual playbooks and automated response capabilities.

“With our shared focus on optimizing SOC team operations, our partnership with JASK is a complementary joining of best-of-breed solutions,” said Rishi Bhargava, co-founder of Demisto. “Our platforms’ specialized AI and automation capabilities are complementary in a way that streamlines manual processes and allows analysts to focus on rapid decision making.”

By reducing the time it takes for SOC analysts to take action on potential attacks, the integration between JASK and Demisto addresses one of the most significant pain points that security operations teams are experiencing. In fact, in a 2017 Enterprise Strategy Group research report, “Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations in Transition,” 23 percent of organizations surveyed reported that it takes too long to remediate security incidents, which increases cyber risk, can result in excessive dwell times and potentially lead to extremely damaging data breaches. Recent real-world examples of self-propagating malware such as WannaCry and NotPetya further highlight the need for automated detection and response capabilities.

“At JASK, we’re focused on integrating with leading solution providers that will help deliver our customers visibility and actionable intelligence that help SOC analysts achieve a new level of efficiency,” said Rocky DeStefano, vice president of product at JASK. “Our partnership with Demisto is another important step toward empowering SOC teams to work more productively and confidently, with greater context and control.”

Demisto is the latest partner to join the JASK Answers Partner Network, which brings together the industry’s leading cybersecurity solution providers and technology alliance partners to broaden the reach and capabilities of the JASK ASOC platform. For more information on becoming a JASK Answers Technology Alliance Partner, please visit

“One of primary reasons we value both JASK and Demisto is the openness of each platform and the flexibility this provides us to leverage best-of-breed technologies,” said David Tsao, global information security officer at Veeva. “The JASK-Demisto integration demonstrates this commitment and creates a powerful combination that further automates the workflow of our analysts, streamlines and consolidates security alerts and further enriches our incident response capabilities.”

The JASK ASOC platform is designed to integrate with and enhance customers’ existing investments, delivering deeper insights and improved visibility into their networks. For more information on the JASK ASOC platform, please visit To access the Demisto Free Edition with the available JASK integration visit

About JASK

JASK is modernizing security operations to reduce organizational risk and improve human efficiency. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and machine learning, the JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform automates the correlation and analysis of threat alerts, helping SOC analysts focus on highest-priority threats, streamlining investigations and delivering faster response times.


About Demisto

Demisto Enterprise is the first and only comprehensive Security Operations Platform to combine security orchestration, incident management, machine learning from analyst activities, and interactive investigation. Demisto’s orchestration engine automates security product tasks and weaves in the human analyst tasks and workflows. Demisto enables security teams to reduce mean time to response (MTTR), create consistent incident management process, and increase analyst productivity. For more information, visit or email [email protected].



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