Product Security

Securing your data from design through development and operations.

Secure Data

Your data is stored in the geographical region you choose and never moved without your consent. Encrypted at rest and in transit with the principle of least privilege access controls, you can be assured your data is at least as secure as within your on-premise datacenter.

Secure Operations

We operate a first class security operations team with a ruthlessly minimized attack surface, routine vulnerability scans, regular penetration tests, thoughtfully hardened infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring. When there is an unexpected issue, the JASK Security Response Center is ready to engage.

Secure Development

Our Secure Development Lifecycle has ten distinct activities across three phases of the development process starting with planning, then development and finally deployment. It ensures our developers consider security throughout development.

Secure Organization

The most effective security programs are not just a technical activity but an organizational culture. Our security program includes organizational controls as well as technical ones to ensure everyone at JASK does their part to keep your data secure.

JASK Cares About Your Security

Download the latest Security & Privacy Guide.

Download the latest GDPR Data Processing Addendum for JASK customers.