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Explore the JASK Autonomous Security Operations
Platform and its features in just 3 minutes.


JASK ASOC is a powerful platform for intelligent automation of Security Operations. It starts with a platform that seamlessly scales data ingestion from User, Device, Application and Network into one consolidate powerful platform that automatically learns and understands risk and threats within your environment. Integration with existing security tools is seamless process allowing customers to on-board existing data stream in minutes. Finally, a data-lake for security operations customized for your organizations needs.


Getting access to your data has never been easier. JASK provides "Spot-light" style search that allows you to dive into peta-bytes of information to get answers within seconds, empowering analysts to move through investigations with more speed and precision than ever before.


When JASK finds abnormal or malicious behavior the analyst is able to quickly drill down and see the entire timeline of the attack. Signals are categorized by type, Pattern, Anomaly Detection, Threat Intelligence, in a single graph. No configuration is needed the system just starts learning your environment.


Every SOC analyst knows context is key when investigating incidents. JASK pulls together a remarkable amount of context into one easy to understand display which fuses the relevant information including behavioral anomalies and blended threat intelligence for every device, user and application in real-time. Jumping into multiple products to get the context you need is a thing of the past.


Sometimes you can't trust a machine for the answers. JASK allows diving deep into the answers, exploring data like never before. Need a copy of the binary for the malware team to reverse, we make this a one step process, pull in the context from VirusTotal, it's baked there. Depth and context without overloading the analyst. Want to add a new integration or enrichment? We provide a simple-to-use REST API allowing you to pull new context from any data source on-demand, even if you want to do it in Perl, we won't hold that against you.


JASK's ASOC includes the most powerful investigation tool in the industry. Powered by Apache Spark, visualize trends and hunt within diverse data streams like never before possible with our Investigation notebooks. Unlock the power of JASK by testing and deploying your own custom algorithms or download and leverage our community ones out of the box. Finally data scientists and security analysts have a unified hunting platform that covers all their needs. Support for SQL, Python, Java, Scala and Tensorflow come out of the box, yes batteries are included.