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Exploring Every Alert,
Delivering Advanced Insights

The JASK ASOC platform automates alert investigations, freeing the SOC analyst to do what machines can’t

Our solutions


JASK provides a windows active directory sensor, used to understand both the technical and business impact of alerts surrounding a key individual.


JASK works with other providers to take a complete look at all the devices on the network and map out potential lateral movement.


JASK provides an open api architecture, allowing the best of breed technologies to work together in reducing enterprise risk.


JASK provides a network sensor collecting data crucial for analysts to do investigations and gain full enterprise visibility.


JASK provides advanced application security to help analyst with investigations by flagging potential security vulnerabilities.

Modernizing Security Operations

Security operations are designed around yesterday’s technology, not those responsible for protecting organizations from threats.

As a result, analysts spend about 80% of their time managing, on average, 1700 alerts a day. Through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and Machine Learning, JASK is removing technology limitations, freeing analysts to threat hunt with enhanced visibility and the confidence to focus on the highest-priority alerts.


The JASK Platform

Improves contextual visibility, exposes blind spots and initiates faster response times. Identifies, monitors and protects critical assets and data across legacy and point solutions. Enhances current investments through advanced correlation and analysis across multiple customer sources for improved context and threat identification.


Flexible to Meet Modern SOC Needs

A platform built to support advancements in big data means the ultimate in scaling flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of today’s SOC, quickly and cost effectively. Integrations for common security operations tools simplify and streamline investigations while sophisticated data acquisition and analysis identify the highest-priority threat patterns.

Enabling the Entire SOC Team

By automating the repetitive tasks that machines can handle, every SOC analyst is equipped to play a more valuable role in managing risk.

Enhanced visibility and answers in a single application means users are no longer searching for information across tools. SOC hunting teams have access to data science tools and the complete data set to create their own hunting scenarios and test theories more quickly.


Built to Work With Your Use Cases

Built by analysts for analysts, JASK enables users to automate use cases by creating workflows based on how they need to execute today, not on how things were done a decade ago. Adapting to analyst workflows leads to the best possible threat detection and resolution, meaning both higher levels of detection confidence and overall SOC maturity.


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