Exploring Every Alert,
Delivering Advanced Insights

The JASK ASOC platform automates alert triage, freeing the SOC analyst to do what machines can’t.

Automate Alert Triage

The JASK Platform

The typical SOC is able to triage just over half of the total alerts on a daily basis. The real risks lie in the attacks hidden in the alerts that go uninvestigated. JASK’s Adaptive Signal Clustering Engine (ASC) automates the alert triage process, ensuring each and every alert is analyzed. Human analysts are guided to focus on JASK Insights: intelligently grouped alerts that highlight potential incidents.

Modernizing Security Operations

Through automation, every SOC analysts is equipped to play a more valuable role in managing risk.

The typical SOC manages thousands of alerts on a daily basis. However, siloed data and archaic processes are creating technology gaps enhanced by attacker sophistication. JASK leverages machine learning to free the analysts to perform a greater role in protecting the organization by providing enhanced visibility and better context of alerts.

Better Visibility

Traditional SIEMs never fully delivered on the promise of complete visibility in a single-pane-of-glass. Alerts could only be correlated if they occurred within minutes and often lacked critical context. The analysts daily “swivel chair integration” between various tools is further evidence of the poor visibility. JASK processes all network, endpoint and security event logs in a single platform to provide a holistic analysis of the enterprise across weeks of time to generate high fidelity alerts. Further, JASK can seamlessly monitor both your traditional on-premises as well as your AWS or Azure cloud infrastructures.

Not Just Another Detection Tool

The industry can get overly focused on the latest detection technologies. But the reality is – most breaches are detected by current tools. The issue comes from the sheer volume of alerts causing “real” alerts to be hidden within the noise of the environment. Before investing in “yet another detection tool”, JASK ensures that you are effectively leveraging your existing security investments today by grouping alerts together and surfacing low fidelity alerts that are critical indicators of security incidents.