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The Modern SIEM

The JASK ASOC platform is a modern, cloud-native SIEM, analyzing cloud environments in addition to on-premises network, endpoint, and logs in a single platform.

Freeing the Analyst

The JASK ASOC platform is modernizing security operations, enabling analysts to stay ahead of the ever-evolving attacker.

JASK leverages automation to deliver insights across network, endpoint, and logs. By fusing alerts with additional contextual events and data, JASK automates the correlation and analysis of threats, enabling analysts to become proactive threat hunters, reduce the time of investigations and run new investigations driven by business insights.


JASK Insights represents the intelligent collection of related alerts that tell the analyst the broader story of a security incident. By analyzing each and every alert, including often ignored low-fidelity alerts, JASK Insights provides the critical context that allow the analyst to quickly establish the timeline of events. Insights may group alerts and events across weeks of time, detecting incidents that often fly below the radar.

Adaptive Signal Clustering Engine

Insights are identified by JASK’s proprietary Adaptive Signal Clustering (ASC) Engine. The ASC Engine uses an ensemble Machine-Learning approach to mimic analyst actions to quickly and effectively triage every alert, regardless of the perceived severity, with the same rigor, surfacing incidents as JASK Insights for analyst review. ASC can connect the dots that may be humanly impossible or impractical. The ASC Engine operates on a closed-loop feedback model. As analysts interact with the Insights that have been surfaced, ASC monitors the analyst actions, continuously learning from them.

Cloud-Native Platform

The JASK ASOC is a cloud-native platform; not on-premises software that has been adapted to run in the cloud. Built using a micro-services architecture, JASK taps into the elastic capabilities of the cloud to support auto-scaling event ingestion and access to limitless processing power allowing the ASC engine to ensure that all events are analyzed without discrimination. This flexible platform enables JASK to provide unlimited data ingestion and processing without a cost penalty to customers.


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